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Local locksmiths you can trust in Bedale

Looking for trustworthy local locksmiths in Bedale? Contact Artisan Locksmiths. We offer a range of domestic and commercial locksmith services at affordable prices. 
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Professional locksmiths serving customers across North Yorkshire

Artisan Locksmiths is a locksmith company started by Martin J Hall. We offer a wide range of locksmith, window and door repair services. All our employees are DBS checked, security cleared, City & Guilds accredited and have completed NCFE Level 3 locksmith courses. From door lock repairs to full replacement or upgrades, we can do it all. Customer satisfaction is our main priority and that is why we work hard to ensure that all our customers' needs are met. Though we serve customers across Bedale and North Yorkshire, we are also happy to travel further if required. Contact us for more information. We offer fast and efficient services at reasonable prices. 

The role of an Artisan

Virtually everything made by man which you can see and use is the work of Artisans. It is the nature of the Artisan to express themselves through the invention, creation, manufacture, repair, and manipulation of thing. These can be artistic masterpieces, technological crafts, or mechanical devices.

Artisans are impelled to make things. They get restless if they do not create something tangible. It is their nature to produce physical objects. They generate an idea, and from within themselves they spew it out into material reality. They take the raw material in their hands and fashion it into things of beauty or function.

Artisans are technicians in whatever they do. When and wherever there is something that needs to be made, there is an Artisan – ready, willing, and able to make it. Whatever occupation an Artisan finds themselves in, they will always apply a high degree of skill and expertise to it.
Artisans prefer to be acknowledged or remembered for their work. In effect they say, “Here, look at this thing, not at me. See what I made. I am not of consequence, except to the extent that I have created this thing of beauty and usefulness.” They live to make something tangible and permanent which will outlive themselves. 
Often Artisans will copy something in their arts or engineering that they see in nature. It also means that an Artisan views the universe as an object which it is their job to mould, form, and fashion into a work of beauty or function. This is certainly something that Artisans do. In another sense, it means that Artisans see themselves as creations of the universe, rather than creators of themselves.

Artisans are often the moodiest of the roles. In a depressed state, an Artisan can join a gathering of people and be like an ominous cloud that blocks the sun, leaving everyone affected by the shadow. Conversely, a joyous Artisan can almost instantly change a roomful of sour dispositions with the magical quality of a rose that blooms in the snow; altering the ambience of the room with enthusiasm and good cheer. Artisans can literally influence the ambient area around them, and it seems their creative energy is not only contained to their inner worlds, but to the outer one as well. The moody Artisan is also the most likely candidate for being the craziest of all the roles.
Whether as artists, writers, actors, craftsman, engineers, composers, surgeons, carpenters, philosophers, or master welders, or indeed Locksmiths Artisans can make almost anything a canvas for their creative explorations, and in their own unique and inventive way, their inspiration and creativity makes the world a better place.   
Famous Artisans: Mozart, Debussy, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, Fred Dibnah, David Waight, Ches Chescoe, Robert Luis Stevenson, Stuart Lucas.
Locksmith services

Our range of services include

  • Domestic and commercial locksmith services
  • Lock repairs, replacements and upgrades
  • 24-hour locksmith services
  • Window repairs 
  • Door repairs
  • Door realignment
  • Door mechanism replacement
  • Door hinge and seal replacement
uPVC window and door repairs

We are based in Bedale

To hire local locksmiths in Bedale or North Yorkshire, call Artisan Locksmiths on the number below today.
07595 749 763
01677 988 393
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